• We have first hand experience with the complex processes involved in creating a printable and manufacturable design                                                                                  
  • Using your idea or raw sketch ~ we consider the appropriate process for the Master Model                                                                                               
  •  Line drawings with measurements: jpeg etc. are best way to convey design concepts     
  •  Your CAD is created with the utmost care, drawing on knowledge of manufacturing tolerences (thicknesses etc.) whilst adhering to the designers vision, concepts and most importantly specifications                                                                                                       
  • The finished project is a flawless fully printable 3dimensional CAD File with STL                                                      
  • STL- Stereolithigraphy file ready to Print (in the future we will be offering 3d printing )                                                                                             
  • We can also create a CAD for remodel / remount jobs                                       
  • Let us assist you in making your first piece or your Full Line for the Upcoming Season     
  • Do you have a certain piece of jewelry in mind, but still haven't been able to find it yet? Then contact us and let us assist you                                                              
  • We can provide you with detailed advice on material and design; draw up the initial drafts and incorporate your ideas.                                                                   
  • We can also redesign and modernize Heirloom and Antique  pieces of jewelry that have been handed down but are not quite your style.

     All Images are the property of their respective owners and are used for visual examples only.   

          Please remember to respect other people's intellectual property.      Thank you A.A.D.G.

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