We All Have a Vision 

Today is the day ~ Get ready to launch those new designs you been working on

Jewelry Design Consultaton

Talk with an expert in the field about your ideas and concerns in manufacturing your new or existing reworked designs. 


Time is purchased in two hour blocks and booked based on availability keeping the clients needs first and foremost.


We are available for CAD Design & General Jewelry Manufacturing Consultations, knowledge is based on 18+ years in the Trade.


Remember : Customer Service is alive and well here.

   CAD Creation Services

From your detailed sketches and sample inspirational images we start to realize your vision in 3D.


Using the lastest software and drawing on years of experience theoretical and practical we guide you through each step.


We work as a team to meet & exceed your expectations and will not stop until you are satisfied with your Master Model.

Master Modelmaking



We can create your sculptural hand carved wax Master, or hand forged metal Master.


It is very important to know and understandwhich process to use when creating your Master Model for mass production, 


We have the skills and can advise accordingly

3d-Printing Rapid Prototyping

We will continue to be proactive in the expanding of our services.


Based on overwhelming response,


in the near future we will be adding cutting edge 3d printers to accomodate all your Rapid Prototyping needs.


     All Images are the property of their respective owners and are used for visual examples only.   

          Please remember to respect other people's intellectual property.      Thank you A.A.D.G.

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